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  Genuine California Redwood

Although a great choice for interior use, Redwood is the best wood for outdoor applications.  Redwood’s dimensional stability and decay resistance make it ideal for all projects where beauty and longevity are a high priority. 

Lightweight and easy to work with, Redwood is still a favorite with the expert craftsman.  Stained or painted, redwood accepts and retains a finish better than any other domestic wood. 

Remember to use only high quality fasteners and finishes when installing Redwood.  Stainless steel nails and screws are recommended since they will never bleed or cause stains however good double hot dipped galvanized fasteners are acceptable. 

We source our Redwood from only the highest quality mills participating in the strictest forest management to insure that there are more redwood trees in the future than there are today. 

 Lee Roy Jordan Lumber has one of the most extensive redwood inventories anywhere in the United States.

  • Boards

  • Dimension

  • Timbers

  • Pattern Stock

  • Fencing

  • Fingerjoint

To learn more about the many grades of Redwood  Click Here!

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